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Voter Education Partners

To further its goal of promoting an informed and engaged citizenry, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) establishes voter education partnerships with a diverse group of organizations and associations. Many of the CPD’s voter education partners have sponsored or otherwise promoted DebateWatches. Voter education partners also worked with the CPD on specific educational initiatives surrounding the presidential and vice presidential debates.

2012 Voter Education Partners

2008 Voter Education Partners

2004 Voter Education Partners

DebateWatch is the CPD’s program that brings citizens together to watch the debates, discuss them, and provide feedback. Our many partners sponsored or otherwise promoted DebateWatches.

2004 DebateWatch Partners

2000 Voter Education Partners

2000 Voter Education Leadership Team

DebateWatch 2000 Partners

DebateWatch 2000 Academic Partners

DebateWatch 2000 Organizational Partners